Working @ Wotif Group

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If you've ever felt like your skills were under utilised, you were under appreciated, or you just couldn't face another day in your boring job, it could be because you don't work at Wotif Group yet.

We’re a leader in online travel in Australia and New Zealand, with multiple brands across Asia Pacific.
We pride ourselves on being a versatile, dynamic and rewarding workplace.

We have teams working in everything from the obvious customer service and hotel sales people you might bump into or chat to by email, to our hidden search engine, design and IT experts. We’re spread across the globe with offices in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Europe.

Why work with us

Ask us what we love about working at Wotif Group, and we’ll tell you it’s the people and the culture that make the difference here. Sure, we’re producing innovative technology and ideas to stay at the cutting edge of an industry as old as the human race itself (travel), but there are other companies doing that today too.

What makes us different, and why you should seriously think about a career with us, is that whether you’re a mobile test analyst in Bangkok, a hotel product coordinator in London, a public relations executive in Auckland or a search engine marketer in Sydney, you’re part of a team that loves working together and has fun achieving your goals.

As part of the travel industry, you’ll book your holidays at cost price, have access to the most competitive deals on the planet, and be eligible for free trips, prizes and travel-related rewards.

We always try to fill vacancies internally first, so a lot of our staff have walked in the door as customer service or admin staff, and made a career in hotel sales, business analysts, marketers or human resources professionals.

The more appropriate question is, why wouldn’t you work with us?

Purpose and Values

We believe that travel changes lives and that exploring the world should be simple and accessible to everyone.

Dare to be Different

We’re quirky, unique, fun and passionate people who love travel. We understand that everyone is unique and different, and that’s the way we like it. We enjoy what we do, so we make our workplaces fun, friendly and vibrant. Whether it’s across the road, crossing a country or exploring the planet, we encourage and celebrate travel.

Be Adventurous

We’re open-minded and not afraid to try new things. We strive to think, act and work in a creative and innovative way. We encourage and celebrate new ideas. We imagine future possibilities and how we might get there. We act bravely to overcome challenges and implement solutions.

Inspire Others

We’re great leaders, role models and team players. We are passionately committed to achieving our vision and reflecting our values. We collaborate with open communication that connects teams. We’re the first to say thank you: we recognise and celebrate the contribution of everyone. We share knowledge and experience to support and develop others. We continually seek fresh perspectives from inside and outside the business. We pursue our goals with relentless optimism.


We care about people – colleagues, customers, partners, investors and communities – and we aim to exceed expectations. We understand our customers’ needs. We take our responsibility to our customers seriously. We are professionals who take great care and pride in our work and conduct. We respect and show compassion to others, and strive to work with people and organisations who do the same. We create positive change for people and our planet.

Get Stuff Done

We are action oriented and focused on achieving results. We work hard and are always ready to pitch in to get stuff done. We focus on the tasks that will achieve our vision and goals. We plan and organise our work to meet deadlines and deliver what we’ve promised. We face challenges with honesty, and overcome them in an innovative and practical way.

Where in the world are we?

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